The God Worth Knowing

We go through most of our life hiding away the truth of what we're going through - whether to protect ourselves or others, to make people think better of us, or to hide from the emotions...anything really. But there's nothing genuine about that place. There's nothing raw or open or healing.

That's where I was for most of my life, but God...

Those are two of my favorite words. Time after time in the Bible, you read about hopeless circumstances met by God, met by Yahweh in the "but God." I was broken, but God met me.

His arms are the only place of true comfort and safety. I'm broken, but I run to Him and am healed and made whole.

Of all the nations I've visited, of all the people I've known and loved, He is Home.

I invite you into my journey, my dandelion journey. It's a place where questions are welcomed, struggles are commonplace, and God's goodness prevails.